Digital Law

Digital Law
By: Mae Klein, Estella Zacharia, & Levan Kurdevanidze

Digital law is identified as the responsibility of being safe online and following online responsibility for actions and deeds computer hacking. It is basically known as the law of internet. Being able to follow the rules while using the internet. Abusing laws of the Internet can cause serious consequences. Missusage isl like Hacking into people’s computers, pirating software, downloading illegal music and creating viruses. Copying things off the internet isn’t just lazy it’s wrong.
Copyrighted websites are not allowed to be copied. Also copying one of those might get you into jail. Did you know that 95% of music is downloaded illegally worldwide. People download them because they don’t have money. America can sue you for about 250k dollars per every illegally downloaded song and thats a lot of money. If you don’t have the money you go to jail for up to 5 years. 10% of people who download from itunes download illegally get caught.Globally People consider it as " Digital Law: electronic responsibility for actions and deeds which is either ethical or unethical. Digital responsibility deals with the ethics of technology. Students should not be able to steal or cause damage to other people’s work, identity, or property. There are certain rules of society that fall under illegal acts. These laws apply to students as well. "


Digital law is very important because it’s still a law. You can be penalized for more
than 250,000 dollars per download so if you download a song without paying for it
you will be penalized for 250,000 dollars just for that song. That’s not the only thing
if there is some way you can take someones identity or claim to be someone your
not you could have the risk of going to jail for five or more years.
Here you will see some types of illegal music down loaders

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The Digital Rights
This is an Encyclopedia that can be used for many things and I found something on the Digital rights. The digital rights are what people are allowed to do and what no to do. There are certain people that can only do some things and that is usually not fair to others. Others can also hack and use other computers witch is bad, and those people should be brought to justice. The Internet is widely used and should be public, safe, and fair.

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What is Digital Law?
Digital law is not the law in real live, it’s in the internet. It’s illegal to heck, to load music for free down, to make a virus on the internet. Digital law is defined as the electronic responsibillity for actions, deeds which is either ethical or unethical. I think everybody should respect the digital law.It’s safe to have it because if you have it then you can’t do something illegal.

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