Digital Health and Wellness

What is Digital Health and Wellness?
One of the nine elements of Digital Citizenship is Digital Health and Wellness. This means physical and psychological well-being in a digital technology world. People use digital Health and Wellness to be safe, because it teaches what to do and don’t on the Internet . If you post personal information, someone can see and do things that are not so good with you. So, knowing what is Digital Health and Wellness is a good thing to learn and to be safe.


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You should never go on the computer too much while eating junk food, but instead eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits while going outside and playing for at least sixty minutes!

Why should people follow Digital Health and Wellness?

You should follow the rules of digital health and wellness because when you follow the rules you can live a healthy and happy life. Staying on the computer for too long is not good for your posture, (back, shoulders, neck) your eyes, and your weight. Usually when you stay on the computer for a very long time you still need to eat and drink, but instead of eating your normal dietary foods like dairy, meats, and carbohydrates you instead eat junk food like chips, soda, and other oily foods. You can still go on your computers or TV, but try to keep it little and do other things like keeping a balanced diet and going outside.
Kids AND adults need at least 60 minutes of exercise each day to keep your heart and other organs healthy. Even adults need to work out! Lots of adults don’t get enough exercise each day so they don’t keep a healthy life. Remember to keep a healthy balanced life to keep a good future ahead!!!!!!!!!

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The picture represents what would happen after using a computer for t

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How should you sit while using a computer?

The other source I found was a picture. It represents over usage of a computer. The Picture is broken down in to three parts. The first part shows a person using a computer properly, what is, sitting straight.. The second part shows the person starting to become tired and ill. This represents using the computer for too long. The final part shows the person in a state of deep sleep.

How can digital health and wellness affect different people?
It can affect the person’s family. It can affect the person and many more people. It can affect the person with a sickness and an addiction. And lastly it can affect the person’s family by helping the person with there addiction it can make them go mentally insane.
What are Warning Signs of Digital Health and Wellness problem?
If the kid is tired or has been getting bad grades lately that is one way to tell they have been on electronics to much. Some kids stay on the computer all night, and sometimes kids can be sent home from school if they are that tired. You should try to enforce game time rules, or maybe try downloading some apps that allow you to shut off all games on phone with a custom time and. To control what they do and punish them if they are getting addicted. It seems harsh but, it is the only good and fast way to help the person who is addicted. You can also take away there devices.
Net Compulsion: What is it? How to avoid it?
Internet compulsions is when you are forced to go on the net, you are obsessed with it, you cannot resist.Now, those are the step you need to take to avoid it.First, you have to find where it comes from. Then, you have to block it. Next, you need to know why you are doing this. You need to have goals.
Then, reward yourself.
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What to do to avoid problems that may arise?

Those are the step you need to take to avoid it.First, you have to find where it comes from. Then, you have to block it. Next, you need to know why you are doing this. You need to have goals.

Then, reward yourself.


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