Digital Etiquette

What is Digital Etiquette?

Definition taken from the New Oxford American Dictionary .Digital Etiquette: Digital Etiquette is defined as [[#|Internet]] manners.

On the [[#|Internet]], when [[#|instant messaging]], emailing or posting pictures/videos, no one can see you.If people can’t see you, and they read your words and not hear your words, TONE DOES NOT EXIST.
This is a problem because that often can cause cyber bullying. Even though your on the internet you should treat others the way you wanna be treated.

Sometimes if you are not using Digital Etiquette properly it will confuse the person that you send the message to. external image _F2J4nAWpmZe2pa4aMKO0SKwECTDwXF5VWYPCekI26UI8ixqlJZ1Y-IJ_T0JIBRNtYSIGXZ8vrSDpK19lyK3T6qSyxg-56-qYfvTJ08UIZ-2EZ0Bqzs

Where to use digital etiquette

Digital etiquette is online behavior. Digital etiquette is being respectful to others online, on any website. Digital etiquette can be Hacking, Plagiarism, illegally downloading something (music, television shows), Using disrespectful, and bad language to others. Digital etiquette is a basic set of rules, on how to act online appropriately. The GOLDEN RULE treat others how you want to be treated is a huge part of digital etiquette. It is just as important to treat others with respect and courtesy online as it is to in real life.

How to use digital etiquette

Digital etiquette is a set of rules on how to behave online. You should communicate effectively online. You should not do something online that you would not do in person. Good digital etiquette should be used in email, instant messages, [[#|video chatting]], and social networking sites.

Where can I go to find out more?

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Why do we need digital etiquette?
We should have digital etiquette because we can make internet a better place for us all.