Digital Communication
What is Digital Communication?

Digital Communication is a way of expressing yourself through the Internet. You can express yourself through video, audio, and text. In elementary, students start to learn all sorts of digital forms of technology. Today businesses small and big create all sorts of digital media to help students all over the world. Also Digital Communications is a good way to connect with your friends that you have not seen in a long time. Digital communication helps us connect with people all over the world.

What is safe to do when E-mailing?

This website is useful because it tells people (mostly kids) what is safe and what is unsafe to do when e-mailing people. Many kids these days are unsafe and foolish when it come to digital communication. They can get themselves in a lot of trouble when it comes to e-mails. This website makes kids more aware and socially safe.

Is social networking socially safe?

Facebook has a bad reputation far getting teenagers in a lot of trouble. My cousin once got in to trouble when she was browsing through facebook. This website is great for all ages and can help raise awareness. People should be safe and with this website they can. Sometimes on social networking sites there are privacy settings that you can turn on so you can be safe.Some people abuse however the ability to use this kind of digital communication. This especially happens in social networks such as myspace and facebook. People bully other people online by calling names, hacking their accounts, posting negative comments or even posting personal pictures of other people causing them to get into trouble.

This type of bullying is called cyber bullying. It can be worse in ways than face to face bullying or physical bullying because you might not know who the person is, where they live or what their real name is.

How do kids use digital communication?

In the article that I found it says that many kids these days adapt to technology fast, and I agree. The article the author says that students use lots of technology. Students use a-lot of instant-messaging and e-mail.

How can you stay safe while using digital communication?
You can be safe by following the rules below.

  1. Don’t post inappropriate/personal pictures
  2. You have a lot of power on the internet, so you HAVE to be RESPONSIBLE
  3. Think and read over your post and text - “a bad reputation is just one click away”
  4. Treat others the way you want to be treated - “The Golden Rule
  5. Don’t post something that you wouldn’t say in person. - “Spread heart not hurt”
  6. Be there for others who are bullied or harassed. Let them know you are there for them.
  7. Post or reply positive things - “Make this a world you want to live in”
  8. Don’t harass or bully online
  9. Do the right thing
  10. Ask yourself , ‘Would I do the same thing in reality? Do I want people to see this’
  11. Don’t pass on negative feelings to other people
  12. ‘Is this going to reflect your reputation!’