Digital Commerce

What is Digital Commerce?

Digital Commerce is the buying or selling of goods online. One example is buying things on Amazon or selling things on Amazon. Also, Digital Commerce can be buying a subscription to a video streaming service like Netflix. Digital Commerce is used globally. Digital commerce is beneficial to many companies who need to get items for their business that are only available in one part of the earth. Digital commerce is used to make the world a more connected place.

Overbuying and problems with Digital Commerce
Digital Commerce can be used in many ways. When you buy too many things, this is called overbuying. Overbuying is risk that you could spend money that you do not have, and you will be penalized by the bank for that. Another risk is when shopping online there could be scams, frauds, and identity theft. This usually happens to teens ages 18-20. There are ways to prevent this from happening like to not give out bank info and use reliable websites.

__ What are the dangers of digital commerce? Many people think they can do anything online, including buying. It tells you that youth shouldn’t buy. Also i think that it tells you that you don’t always get what you buy. Also it says depending on how much you buy, it might be hazardous. Also it makes sure to tell people the dangerous of online buying and what the consequences might be for both the seller and the buyer. That’s what the the websites tells you about dangers.

Tips On Digital Commerce
Before you buy online you should always make sure to check out the seller before buying from them. Remember to go on your eBay or Amazon account every couple of days to make sure that there are no other people using your account.

You should look for the https sign the means it is secure you should also look for the little lock sign it means the same thing. Don't just look at the price of the item also look at the shipping cost because they may make the cost of the shipping more than it should be. Look at the return policy because if you don’t like it you can send it back and or get your money back. if there is a picture look very see if you can see any imperfections like a missing piece or a chip on the proced. If you send money using digital commerce you should make sure your spending, sending or taking money from a safe and reliable website. Some website be designed just to take you money or contacts.

This is a great picture because it shows the cycle, that usually works. It is titled digital commerce cycle, and it helps teach how and what they do.__`mmerce.JPG__

Who Uses Digital Commerce? Why is it so important?

Many companies use digital commerce to trade, sell, and buy items and goods through the web. In fact, in 2008, 85% of the world’s population uses online shopping and the number is always increasing by day! Although, online sellers and buyers are not the only people who use digital commerce for their shopping needs. A very big part of the economy is associated with digital commerce. Many large and small business use digital commerce to buy and sell stocks in the economy. Ever wonder what country is the one that uses digital commerce the most? Well, Asia represents the largest online market in the world! But, why do so many people use digital commerce and why is it so important? Many people use digital commerce because they can do buy anything with a simple click whenever and wherever,as long as they can access the internet. It’s much more convenient than having to go outside and do it yourself. You can buy anything from anywhere you would like. It’s quicker, easier to use, and more efficient for online marketing. Our world and digital commerce is evolving day by day as more people choose digital commerce as their alternative from physically going outside to stores or having to go somewhere to sell and by what they need. Who knows? Maybe one day the world of shopping and selling will take a complete turn towards digital commerce and no longer be known to us.