Digital Access

Is digital access needed?

These days technology is a around the world and it is important for people to be able to access it. Having digital access is needed all over the world. If you can’t access your account you are going to have a time using the things that are available through cyberspace. It is hard to contact people and notify people if you don’t have digital access. The world needs to work on getting access to cyberspace to make everything much more easier and sufficient.

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Is everyone getting access to our digital society?

Digital access is mostly used in many parts of the world. Now a day many businesses offer free wireless internet and some cities have begun to create public access opportunities some people think that digital access should be limited but I think after seeing this video that access should not be limited by race or gender, by ability or disability, no matter where they live or how.

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Why digital access is important?

Digital access is important for students because they can enhance their education outside of school by going and researching on something they are interested in.They can post information on facebook etc.Kids can tutor each other if another kid does not understand something.It stretches your learning outside of school by watching videos or doing online courses that challenge you to learn.Also to expand social interaction.

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Graph of digital access
Explanation of graph: The blue represents that they have a lot of digital access and the red represents little digital access or not at all.Digital access has grown faster than anything in history. There are over 550,000,000,000 websites out there and 1,346,966,000 are on google alone. Over 36,000,000 were added in december 2001. 0.1 terabytes of information are added each day. Thats around 7.3 million pages of information added by random people and the top 24 out of 25 newspapers have had record declining of orders for newspapers to any website each and every day. People are relying on online information instead of trustworthy newspapers.

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Who uses Digital Access?

Men, women, kids and children use the internet, phones, computers etc every day. It is one very big part of the society in everyone's lives. It is used for educational and social purposes.