Who is Cyber Bullying? 10/7/10

As we have observed usually the cyber bully is fellow classmate or best friend, sometimes as a harmless joke or a hurtful crime. At the beginning it my seem funny and laughable, but as we’ve seen the consequence can be fatal. Also our sources have stated that anyone can be a cyber bully, for any reason.

Site with some info:

This first site has some info of general cyber bullying. It has videos for help in cyber bullying, resources for more detailed info on cyber bullying and some blogs about cyber bullying for ways to stop it.
For this second site it explains some types of of cyb-*er bullying for example Flaming and harrassment. Also it has info for everyone from children to teachers it can help stop cyber bullying in every point of view.

Videos With Information about Bullying:

The first one is about some types of bullying, but it has some information about Cyber Bullying this one was made last year by Zac, Anna, Hunter, and me. We made it for the Exhibition.

The second one i forgot what it’s about, but it’s very long. I think that it’s related to the first one, but it is longer, and more detailed. It also shows about the boy, and the dad looks into the boy’s laptop and finds all these mean IMs in the history. Fast forward because at the beginning it has nothing to do with the video.



this article is about a boy committing suicide after being cyber bullied by his fellow companians.


this is a site of teachers getting cyber bullied. they get cyber bulleid by students parents and fellow teachers.
Cyberbullying is a growing problem. Why? You might say because anyone can do it. also to some people its an addictive fun thing.