Where do people get Cyber Bullied?

On brain pop, the video ”when bullies attack in the virtual world”, shows that bullies can attack any where any time. In the video people in all around were getting bullied, and people all around were bullying.
They can get Cyber Bullied in many places
On their Phone, computers, E-mail, texting, and pictures (online pictures).Mostly at their computer People can cyber bully for example in ichat. You can get bullied through any electronical messaging device

Video: Internet sources that teach about cyber bullying.

__pbskids.org__ __brain pop.com__[when bullies attack in the virtual world]
http://www.teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=26038&title=Cyber_Bullying_PSA_video cyber You Tube[videos]

Tv sources
Dr. Phil show

A book source:The good vibes club American Girl doll book

Article sources
The article is about dealing with cyber bullies and where people can get cyber bullied
The title is Bill bullies into finally taking action

This article is by Margery Eagen written in 2010 Boston copy wright (from Gale Student Research Center Jr.)

article: cyber bullying
book article: Bullies outside of the playground

This site is full of information on what cyber bullying is and what happens. It also has cases on cyber bullying that happened and what to do to stop it. This organization is not only websites but they explain in books and stuff like that.

where do people get cyber bullied?

People can get cyber bullied from far or short distances. You can get cyber bullied on the phone, on the computer, on types f of mail websites and many more. Cyber bullying is just like bullying just using technology .