You can find out if you or someone else are being cyberbullied if you / someone else have / has a lowered self-esteem and / or are being hurt mentally in some way through newly developed technology. If you are being cyber-bullied you should tell a trusted adult immediately even if you think this is a piece of gibberish or that you can handle the bully. If you can’t tell it to the trusted adult verbally, write it down on a piece of paper and give it to them. Parents should react by catching the cyber-bully and punishing him / her.

Cyber bullying is a crime that which can be punished as far as being banned from the website, to investigated by the authorities. When you are cyber bullied you really should report or block them as described below. Remember that most of the time you will need an adult to help you, or if not it could go so far into yourself that you might go to the extremes.

You must also block the bully from ever getting to you again. Put them on the black list on a phone or block them in the IM client / email program / Skype. Never arrange to meet with a cyber-bully in a private location alone. Always make sure that you meet in a public area with your parents. Best of all would be not to meet the cyber-bullier at all.

The cyber-bullier should be punished in a way that makes them realize that what they did is wrong. Examples are taking away the computer from the cyber-bully for a month or a year. If a child is the cyber-bully then that child’s parents should stand strong and not give any exceptions to the punishment. The punishment for an adult would be jail probably.

To prevent cyber bullying from happening in the future schools and parents should install programs that monitor all activity and make sure to report any cyber bullying incident. If a cyber-bullier gets through then re-read this entire mini-article.
When your being cyber bullying you should tell some body so your problem cabe solved. Cyber bullying is bad you should not do it. Because in some cases serious results. like a person committing suicide. Cyber bullying is growing more and more people are using the internet to hurt some one. links used:
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