6A Who is a Cyber Bully?

Who is the Cyber Bully?

Usually cyber bullies are the victums of the cyber bullies. They take their anger and frustration to the other people on social network and become a cyber bully. Cyber bully picks on the person who cyber bullied them or other target.The person consider cyber bully as a fun thing to do.They don’t even realize that they are bullying by using an Internet.

The first graph shows where cyber bullying takes place. It shows that it mostly takes place on the bus while kids are going to school and it is very sad to know that it happens at all but the world is not perfect and we want to help.My second graph shows what grades most kids are in that cyber bully and if girls or boys do it more. It confirms that boys in 8th grade and girls in 7th grade cyberbully the most.

This source brought up the thought, people just don’t cyber bully other people for no reason. They cyber bully people based on their differences. It said a cyber bully will harass people, on and on throught electronic means of communication. That includes email, IM, chat, texting, social networking, online gaming, and websites. It explains, words hurt. It was saying, the internet is a powerful tool, be careful using it.




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