Where does cyber bullying happen?

Problem: People aren't informed very much about where cyberbullying. This is a source that explains the answer to our question. In the first paragraph it explains where it happens and some examples. The first paragraph has the answer.This website explains that cyber bullying happens where common online activity occurs and that it happens on my space, face book, blogging, email.

Website-Online bullying read first paragraph. __http://www.online-bully.com/where-does-cyberbullying-happen.htm__

This source talks about how cyber bullying can happen any where such as blogs and AIM Article- Cyber bullies __http://www.preteenagerstoday.com/articles/safety/cyber-bullies-974/__ This article talk about how it is easier for kids to cyber bully over the internet Article- Online bullies pull school into fray __http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/28/style/28bully.html__ This video tell us that cyber bullying happen on electronics such as computer,cellphone etc. It also tells us that cyber bullying is meant for harm and that there is a lot of it going on today. Video-Where does cyber bullying happen __http://www.cyberbullying.us/videos.php__ This source says that cyber bullying happens on the internet and the computer Video-cyber bullying __**http://www.youtube.com/user/googlefamilysafety**__ This is a website that informs different people like the police and parent about cyber bullying and where it happens Website-Net bullies __http://www.netbullies.com/pages/1/index.htm__ This is also about cyber bullying __http://www.independentmail.com/news/2010/oct/06/candidates-spar-over-cyber-bullying-other-issues/__ The first graph shows the grade and the number of the kids that have been cyber bullied on email or other messages Other- I safe graphs __http://www.isafe.org/channels/sub.php?ch=op&sub_id=media_cyber_bullying__