How do people cyber bully?

It is a very good website that talks about stopping cyber bullying. It is called stop bullying .com

People cyber bully by sending threatening messages or images, posting sensitive or private info and lies about someone. People can also cyber bully by pretending to be someone else, in-order to make the person look bad. Also excluding someone from an online group. People can be cyber bullyed on email, instant messaging, texting, social networking sites, web pages, blogs, chat and more.,0,5072154.story__
This website talks about a kid who killed him self because he was getting cyber bullied.It is called

Many people record things with a video camera, phone, computer, or camera. Well some people video tape things that people don’t want other people to see. Not so long ago a teenager named Tyler Clementi killed him self because someone videotaped him, when Tyler didn’t want anyone to see it.

__tp://stopcyberbullying.org__ This site is about what cyber bullying is. It is called

People cyberbully by sending messages like “ You dont deserve to live” and “Nobody likes you.” These things can be very hurtful to people. Hurtful enough to commit suicide. People get Cyber Bulled through Email, Texting, Facebook, Chat rooms, iChat, and alln social netwoking sites.

This video talks about what happens to kids when they get cyber bullied. Cyber bulling is bulling online. The only deference of bulling and cyber bulling is that cyber bulling is when the bully is bulling online in stead of somewhere else. Most bullies bully because they get bullied them selves or they are mad or depressed. Scientists say that in most of the cases the bully does not know that sometimes other people take things more seriously then they do. In many cases the bully makes comments constantly about the receiver that are insulting. And the receiver becomes tired of being insulted and sometimes commits suicide.The amount of cyber bullies increased a lot these past years.I think that cyber bulling is not that bad just anoyit if it get in your way talkto someone..The best thing to do if you get bullied is to talk to your parents because they want to know or to talk to your teachers.